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FNAF Stickers – Fnaf 2 Sets Sticker


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FNAF Stickers – Fnaf 2 Sets Sticker

  • Detailed introduction:
  • Material: PVC waterproof sticker
  • Surface technology: waterproof UV varnish (in line with European and American environmental protection standards) covered with bright film, matte film
  • Single size: 4-7cm

1. This product is made of PVC waterproof material, KBA high-definition fine color printing super waterproof
2. Suitable for trolley cases, laptops, bicycles, motorcycles, stationery, scooters, furniture, refrigerators, mobile phones, water cups, helmets, cars and other places, showing taste and personality, adding color to life
3. The machine has been cut, no need to cut separately, and can be reused without leaving traces after tearing off.